An Abandoned Hope


Art, in particular, although general, has always touched and filled my soul with an uncertainty that I find soothing. Whenever I catch myself bounded by the academic expectations society has placed me under, I often run into my journal where I let all the relentless emotions speak and stitch words together. This process which I consider therapeutic may, for others, be coined as poetry. Also, as I find myself stuck in an existential crisis- as odd as it may sound for some-  I check my social media accounts to search for art in museums and photography of many different genres.

This certain appreciation for art led me into wanting to impart my own taste of the topic itself.

Last September 2014, I started running a tumblr blog for the fandom I belong to. I often re- blog photos of the bands I loved. From time to time, I post my own edits of them too. It was active for about half a year until I realized I better start one for myself. I initiated another blog which is running to this day. It is where I usually publish my writings. Somewhere in between the alterations of my blogs, I discovered a desire of wanting to create something more than what I usually do. I decided it was high time I go beyond mere publications of my odd taste for poetry; it was time I truly gather experiences and share them online. I started making posts about events in my previous school and how they have affected me both positively and negatively. However, I have failed to interest people in my posts, probably because they were not entertaining or informative enough. Soon then, I have lost interest in blogging too and abandoned the hopes of becoming a blogger. However, I keep one blog in particular to continue making and posting my works. Actually, this wordpress account makes it two.

Little did I know that one of my courses will allow me to unfold the hopes I have come to let go. My Information Technology class requires us students to create a blog site, mainly a wordpress account, to share our insights regarding the activities and discussions of the said course. By creating another blog, I am once again challenged to unleash my creativity for keeping this as interesting and as “Rea!” as possible.