As is Tradition: NY’s Resolutions

I have done countless lists of New Year’s Resolutions for the past 18 (almost 19) years. None of them seem to be attainable enough; or have I, once more, generated excuses as to why I have not achieved each one of them? Time sure is a constraint in all the goals I have previously cast upon myself. It still is a challenge to my checklist this 2018. If there is a thing that I altered, however, is it that of them being obtainable enough. These are simple tasks I must accomplish before the year ends. I set the bar low, but that’s because I plan on exceeding limits.

I suppose this tradition has survived through generations for it is grounded on hope. Humans, most of the time, find themselves hoping for while we cannot trust probabilities and their consequences, we can trust on what will drive us to positivity. So, this is I, commencing my hoping.

I share with you the promises I must keep.

Cheers, 2018.

1. Stick to my skin care routine

2. Read the bible every day- preferably upon waking up or before going to bed

3. Remain updated with the news

4. Read a few pages of a book every day to accomplish the task of reading 100 books in a span of 365 days

5. Review every after class discussions or rewrite

6. Do assignments or projects beforehand

7. Review (intensive studying) for exams the weekend before

8. Always come home to Marikina on weekends

9. Open yourself to joining more organisations (academic, socio- civic, etc)

10. Less alcohol!

11. Sleep at least 6- 8 hours a day to maintain clear skin

12. Avoid watching series, as much as possible

13. Talk less on social media accounts, post less online

14 Visit Museums

– National Museum of Anthropology

– Museum along Faura, Contemporary Museum in Sta Ana

15. Travel twice this year (local and international)

16. Buy less stuff I will not be using long term

17. Make a diary

18. Update this blog as often as I could

19. Watch 100 (or at least) films (preferably local & international indie films) in 365 days

20. Buy a camera

21. Make a vlog, see how it turns out

22. Learn more about fashion and business by reading at least 3 books about them and attending at least 3 conferences or symposiums

23. Lose 10 kilograms!

24. Visit art galleries

25. Explore Manila (Binondo, Escolta, etc.)

26. Visit at least a zoo this year!


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