Look Who’s Back!



After months of long pause.

It’s November. You don’t know how many times I opened this blog the past months after June (my latest post) hoping I could share whatever lies in my system. But alas, is it hard!

I can’t go welcoming myself every time I come back three or four months later, can I? Seriously, I should be more committed to this blog if I want to share bits of my understanding to all of you. I’m sorry. I’m trying very hard. I have reasons, very personal ones; it’s not easy to figure out, nor is it easy to tolerate and recognize.

I would also like to say that I’m willing to post on a weekly basis- I’m just not sure what day of the week. If it’s unclear to you guys, I mostly post my writings, travels, events, and I also talk about my lifestyle here. I shall also squeeze in a few of my opinions here. I think it’s my responsibility to speak, as a member of the youth, of my country, of human race.

In addition, I’m not being a social media superstar here, nor am I stating that I have the greatest feed and the wittiest tweets but you can go check them out nevertheless (I don’t even care about how they look most of the time):

Twitter: @rfzss


personal – rfzss

poetry – midnightvows


Let’s have a quick talk; that’s kind of the point of this post, isn’t it?

 In here, I would be my purest, unfiltered self. I do not want to preempt anything, however. Know me through my upcoming posts. Also, feel free to comment on my blog posts for constructive criticism and for other concerns. I will see to it that I reply if necessary. Not that I’m expecting that much comments and readers: *cue nervous laugh.* I really do hope, nevertheless, that I could gain friends here and acquire new learning experiences. After all, I created and devoted my time for this as a form of establishing a journey to self- betterment.

Disclaimer! The photos are not mine unless stated (photos are probably mine if the blog post is categorized under travels); I took them at the website, weheartit.com.

Until our next chat.



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