Perhaps it is true; no amount of words could sufficiently supply the feeling of being in complete astonishment, tranquility, and excitement.

From the moment she sent a text message asking me to turn around, even in the moment we parted ways in the morning, to this day, I am trying to make clear: is this what God talked about when He made the universe, placed the planets in their respective orbits, shaped the mountains in such a way that the sun would kiss them every morning and every night, calmed the waters of the earth so as to make its soil worth living- when everything grew entirely as perfect as he said it must be?

I have a certain default to romanticize things; however, I tell you, the 10th of February was an early Valentine adventure.

I was utterly clueless with her schemes. I must say Franzes is an expert at making her plans run the smoothest. She studies in Manila and I in Los Baños. She had to ride the bus and even travel steep roads just to visit me! What have I done to deserve her, really?

I had a 2:30 to 4:00 PM class and before my class even began, she told me she wanted to take a nap. When it ended, I sent her a text about a book sale (I love hoarding books and reading them when I have the time) held at one of the colleges in my campus. She replied right away asking if I’m already at our fair. It took a couple of minutes before she showed up and a couple of text messages, as well. When I told her that we (Sophia, my friend, and I) were about to go to the Freedom park, she sent me a text asking me to turn around. I did, even as I was confused (I am not being pretentious here, I really had no idea). I did not know what or who to look at; nevertheless, I did turn around. Behind the crowd of other people in their own businesses, I found her.

I wish someone out there captured how intensely fast my heart beat raced. In that moment, nobody mattered but her presence and the distance between us both- how it was so little, and how it grew even more minimal as I wrapped my arms around her.

I seldom get to hug her. I seldom get to hold her this close. I seldom get to see her beyond my blurry cellphone screen. This is her. This is me. Together.

This is where it begins.

Still in shock, I asked my friend, Sophia, if she knew- and she did! Franzes asked her concerning our whereabouts. I learned, as well, that Franzes arrived inside the campus at 3:00 PM! She had been roaming around for an hour just waiting for me to finish my last class.

This is the kind of person I want to be with for as long as I’m alive- even after life, if it’s possible. Sure, she has flaws and all that, but her beauty- inside and out- surpasses all imperfections the world made of her. Don’t get me wrong, I knew this before the surprise of hers even happened. She just continues to prove to me how lucky I am to have her.


1. We rode the ultimately fast turning ferris wheel.

2. We played the dart game! I was a first timer lol it was this game where you had to throw darts (of course) at the balloons placed on the wall. Every balloon you pop equals to a point. We totalled more than 25 points! I thought we were playing for fun but she exchanged the points for a cute purse she gave me.

3. We rode another ride (caterpillar, I think). I enjoyed it so much- we were laughing the whole time.

4. She bought me a baby succulent plant and she only knows how much I love them.

5. We ate tons of food. Street food. We love food. Food.

6. We watched performances while sitting on the field. Totes relaxing.

7. She gave me Memories by Lang Leav. I carried it every where like a baby.


My favorite photo!

My baby plantie


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