The Old and the New

Skin coated with sweat, hair down and in tangles, and a steady heartbeat for the coming wave.

The holidays has surely been a good time spent with friends and family- away from school and its stressful ambiance. However, I have welcomed the past year rather differently. I had absolutely no plans. I just let the days go one after the other as I was completely in fear of what the year will bring and flood me with. Although letting time pass, I surely had the best time in high school; senior year was a year full of lasts, so I totally gave everything a try. I went out with my friends almost every day, I made it as an editor- in- chief in an inter- class newspaper competition, I also coached my badminton team which won first place in our Sports fest; I got involved as intensely as most were getting. Of course, my heart strings have also been tugged by a girl in my class. I did not care what I was doing at all, for internally, I was going hysterical over what university will accept me. I applied for four colleges including the University of the Philippines which happens to be my dream school. Also in the list are Ateneo de Manila University, University of Sto. Tomas, and Far Eastern University from which most of my family members graduated from. Fortunately, I graduated high school. I wanted my parents to walk with me on stage because of my being an honor student, but the odds were not in my favor. It was still great nevertheless, for the long wait was over. I was out. I felt free and liberated. Luckily as well, I passed the schools I applied for and got a scholarship grant by FEU; I did not accept the offer however, for I chose to study in my dream school, UP! The same year, I officially got to call myself an Iska. It was a massive choice I made, considering the fact that I placed Los Baños (a province miles from my hometown) as my first campus choice. I had to live in a dormitory and go home on weekends. I loved car rides and the art of being alone. I wanted to learn how to be mature and independent and luckily, this is where it got me- I got closer to the person I want to be. I’m still working on it, though. I’m not sure what kind of person I want to be- I must also take note. All I know, I’m getting more satisfied with who I am and becoming than who I was before. The girl whom I developed a crush on eventually became my super girlfie. We have been together for over a year now. I must say we’ve had so many great adventures this year as well; she studies in the same university as I do, only in a different campus. Every time I was free, I would go on overnights at her condominium unit and go back to LB the day after. Sometimes, we would go home together.

Currently looking back, I will confirm: 2015 is the best year for me so far.

I should, however, welcome 2016 with a different fashion. I must have goals that I must continue to pursue as the months progress. They’re quite simple.

Travel more. 

My family has not traveled often last year. Aside, of course, from the long travels from Antipolo (where we live) to Los Baños (where I study). We have not visited any beach this year- how disappointing. This year, I must make them get out of the house and experience more from the outside!

Write more.

I have written so much last year. I should continue the routine. 

Be more.

This post is a few days late for welcoming the new year, but hey, it is not my fault I am quite indecisive about making plans. So with all that I am- skin coated with sweat, hair down and in tangles, I welcome 2016. With a steady heartbeat for its coming wave.

May it be better than what has been.



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